Sweet Santol


Genus : Sandoricum

“Indulge in the delectable flavor of Sweet Santol with our fruit plant. The Sweet Santol tree produces large, round fruits with a thick rind and juicy, sweet flesh. This tropical fruit is often enjoyed fresh, used in desserts, or made into refreshing beverages. With our Sweet Santol Fruit Plant, you can have a taste of the tropics right in your own backyard.”

Sweet Santol (Sandoricum koetjape) is a species of tropical fruit tree that is native to Southeast Asia, including countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The tree produces a round, yellow-orange fruit that has a sweet, juicy flesh and a slightly acidic flavor. It is a popular fruit in its native range, and it is enjoyed for its unique flavor and nutritional properties.

In terms of growth, Sweet Santol trees are relatively fast-growing and can reach up to 20 meters in height. They prefer a warm, tropical climate and well-draining soil, and they do best in full sun. They are also relatively drought-tolerant and can withstand occasional dry spells.

Sweet Santol fruit is typically harvested in the summer and early fall, and it can be eaten fresh, made into jams and jellies, or used in a variety of culinary dishes. It is a good source of vitamins C and B, as well as fiber and antioxidants.

Overall, the Sweet Santol tree is an attractive and productive addition to any tropical garden or orchard, and it is a great choice for those who want to grow their own fruit in a warm and sunny environment. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this tree is a great choice for adding a touch of the tropics to your outdoor space.


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