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Who we are

Our website address is: “https://ivyparadiseplant”.com Online Plant Shoping Site

Something You Should Note in General

ย  Please note that the plants which are displayed in Website are only for display purposes . There might be little variation in size of the plant according to the amount you pay and the exact size would be as per catalogue once the plant is grown in its full swing . Sunlight requirement is mentioned as per the climate based in kerala . Demand of sunlight vary as per climate of the place where the plant is grown . Also need water accordingly .

If there is any damage to the plants when you get them then upload its image on WhatsApp and contact our executive to check it and if it is total damage then replacement process will be started immediately.

On the other hand, if there is only minor damage, then two weeks of care will be given.If damaged within this time, you will get a replacement

Replacement will be fully subject to image verification of your plant and conditions

It is also kindly brought to your notice that the complaints after that cannot be accepted by us in the absence of credible evidence.

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Cancellation , Replace & Refund

Ivy Paradise believes in helping its customers as far as possible and has , therefore , a liberal cancellation policy . Under this policy :

Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order . However , the cancellation request will not be entertained we had initiated the process of shipping them .

Needless to say , it is our earnest endeavour to ensure a speedy and intact delivery system of the items ordered by our valued customers .

After thorough checking , if the company is found sizeable reasons to believe that ordered plant was not fitted in good condition or its roots are damaged due to poor packing , the company take the responsibility of replacing it on our own cost .

However if any item is found damaged due to the mishandling while on transportation by courier company , we cannot take any responsibility of such damages .

If the ordered item is found damaged , the same should be informed to us immediately on its receipt with photograph through whats – app / e.mail . If the plant is not nurtured as per guidelines , it may be damaged , so is the case , We are not responsible for any complaints / damages which are late received .


After receiving your refund request, it will take minimum 7 days to maximum 15 days to receive the refund.

Cash on delivery

” Cash on delivery is not available as the plant is a living thing and if you return it without purchase it may spoil within the return delay. For some other products you can get cod, free shipping etc “.

Live Plants Catagories

Plants are classified according to the damage caused to the plant due to delay in shopping.

Very Important Guidance.......

” Needless to say each and every plant is packed with utmost care considering its sensitivity . Even then , it is advisable to customers to select the plant taking into consideration its sensitivity .”

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High Sensitive Plant

For High Sensitive Plants , if it is received in damaged condition at customers end . we take no responsibility .

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Medium Sensitive Plant

For Medium Sensitive Plant , if it is received in damaged condition at customers end , we undertake to refund half of the plant cost , excluding courier charges .

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Low Sensitive Plant

For Low sensitive plant , if it is received in damaged condition , we undertake to refund the full amount including courier charges or arrange replace .

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Planting & Care

Answers to your doubts about plants

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