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It is a new variety of Setha fruit. One fruit weighs over a kilo. It has very few pits and is thorn free. Its sweet and sour taste is rich in nutrients and fiber


When you get the plant and remove its packet, you will see that the last grow bag has removed some soil and covered the bottom of the plant.

Open it up, what kind of soil do you intend to plant it in, fill it with soil, put it in a shed, water it twice a day, at this time do not give fertilizers for any reason. The first step is to adapt the plant to your nature.

Second stage is two weeks later cut the bottom of the plant’s grow bag and plant it where you plan to plant it. Still don’t fertilize.

Now the plant is matched to the ph level of your soil

After that, if your plant is struggling with your soil, you will see new leaves and buds coming or it will be stunted

In both these conditions, you can give the required fertilizers to the plant

When applying fertilizers, apply them at a distance of one and a half feet from the base of the plant and apply organic fertilizers first

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If there is any damage to the plants when you get them then upload its image on WhatsApp and contact our executive to check it and if it is total damage then replacement process will be started immediately.

On the other hand, if there is only minor damage, then two weeks of care will be given.If damaged within this time, you will get a replacement

Replacement will be fully subject to image verification of your plant and conditions

So upload the image as soon as you get the Plant and later Complaints will not be Entertained



Kerala's own plants from the hills of Kerala


Medicinal Plants

Kerala's own plants collected from the forests of Kerala


Vegetable Plants

Vegetable plants and seeds that can be grown in all areas with fertilizer and soil conditioning

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