Alamanda Red Velvet

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Genus: Allamanda

“The Red Alamanda Flower Plant is a showstopper in any garden. With its vibrant red blooms, it adds a burst of color and elegance to your outdoor space. Create a captivating garden with this stunning plant.”


The Alamanda Red Flower Plant, also known as Allamanda cathartica, is a tropical and subtropical vine that belongs to the Apocynaceae family. It is native to South and Central America, but is also commonly found in other tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

The most notable feature of the Alamanda Red Flower Plant is its vibrant red flowers that are trumpet-shaped and large in size. The flowers usually have five petals and a yellow or cream-colored throat, adding to their striking appearance. The flowers are usually borne in clusters, creating a spectacular display of color when in bloom.

The leaves of the Alamanda Red Flower Plant are glossy, dark green, and oval-shaped with a leathery texture. The plant typically grows as a climbing vine, but can also be trained to grow as a shrub or small tree with proper pruning and shaping.

The Alamanda Red Flower Plant is known for its vigorous growth and can reach heights of up to 10 feet or more. It prefers well-drained soil and full sunlight, although it can tolerate some partial shade. It is a warm-weather plant and is not frost-tolerant, making it suitable for tropical and subtropical climates.

In addition to its ornamental value, the Alamanda Red Flower Plant has also been used for its medicinal properties. It has been traditionally used in some cultures for its cathartic and diuretic properties, and some parts of the plant have been used in herbal remedies for various ailments. However, caution should be exercised as the plant contains toxic compounds that can cause skin irritation and gastrointestinal distress if ingested.

Overall, the Alamanda Red Flower Plant is a stunning flowering vine that adds a splash of vibrant red color to gardens and landscapes in tropical and subtropical regions. Its striking flowers, glossy leaves, and vigorous growth make it a popular choice among gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike.


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