Kallal ( Kallarayal)


“The Kallal Plant is a stunning addition to your garden or indoor space. With its vibrant foliage and graceful appearance, it adds a touch of natural charm to any environment. Easy to care for, this plant thrives in various conditions, making it a versatile and captivating choice.”

Indian rock fig, also known as Ficus retusa, is a species of fig tree that is native to Southeast Asia, China, and India. It is commonly used in bonsai cultivation and is highly valued for its ornamental value and ability to adapt to a variety of growing conditions.

Indian rock fig can grow up to 15 meters tall in its natural habitat, but is often pruned and trained to maintain a smaller size when used for bonsai cultivation. The tree has a distinctive trunk with smooth, greyish bark that is marked by aerial roots, which can be used to create additional support and enhance the tree’s aesthetic value.

The leaves of Indian rock fig are oval or elliptical in shape, with a glossy, dark green color and a waxy texture. They are arranged in a spiral pattern along the stem and are often used for medicinal purposes in traditional medicine.

The fruit of the Indian rock fig is a small, round fig that is edible but not commonly consumed due to its small size and relatively low flavor. However, the figs are sometimes used to make jam or jelly.

Indian rock fig is a hardy plant that can tolerate a wide range of growing conditions, including both indoor and outdoor environments. It is a popular choice for bonsai cultivation due to its adaptability, attractive appearance, and ease of care. Overall, Indian rock fig is a versatile and highly valued plant that is appreciated for its ornamental and cultural value.


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