Garlic Vine (Mansoa Alliacea)

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Genus                                   :              Mansoa Alliacea

“The Garlic Vine Flower Plant is a unique and captivating addition to any garden. With its beautiful blooms and aromatic foliage, it adds charm and fragrance to your outdoor space. Buy online and have it delivered to your doorstep!”

The Garlic Vine (Mansoa alliacea) is a perennial vine native to tropical regions of Central and South America. It is also known by several other common names, including “Garlic Creeper,” “False Garlic,” and “Ajo Sacha.” As the name suggests, the Garlic Vine is known for its distinctive garlic-like scent emitted from its foliage and flowers.

The Garlic Vine is a fast-growing vine that can reach heights of up to 20 feet (6 meters) or more, making it an excellent choice for covering fences, trellises, or arbors. It has woody stems and glossy, dark green leaves that are composed of two leaflets, similar in appearance to a fern frond. The leaves are arranged in an opposite pattern along the stems, and when crushed or bruised, they release a pungent garlic odor.

The flowers of the Garlic Vine are one of its main attractions. They are tubular, trumpet-shaped, and typically arranged in clusters or panicles at the ends of the stems. The flowers can vary in color, ranging from white to pale pink or lavender, and they have a sweet, pleasant fragrance that complements the garlic scent of the foliage. The blooming period of the Garlic Vine typically occurs during the warm months of spring and summer, attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

In addition to its ornamental value, the Garlic Vine has some traditional medicinal uses. In some cultures, the leaves and stems are used to make herbal teas or poultices for various medicinal purposes, including as a natural insect repellent, to alleviate coughs and colds, and to treat skin conditions.

The Garlic Vine is a relatively low-maintenance plant, preferring well-drained soils and partial to full sunlight. It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, but it is not frost-tolerant and may require protection in colder climates. Regular pruning can help to maintain its shape and encourage bushier growth. Overall, the Garlic Vine is a unique and attractive plant that adds an interesting touch to any tropical or subtropical garden with its aromatic foliage and showy flowers.

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