Pichi (Fabiana imbricata)

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Genus                                   :                  Jasmine

“Elevate the beauty of your garden with our premium Pichi (Fabiana imbricata) flower plants. Known for their delicate and enchanting blooms, these plants add a touch of elegance and charm to any outdoor space.”

Pichi (Fabiana imbricata) is a small shrub native to the southern regions of South America, including Argentina, Chile, and Peru. It is known for its aromatic foliage and small, bell-shaped flowers, which make it a popular ornamental plant.

The plant has small, needle-like leaves that give off a strong, minty aroma when crushed or brushed. The leaves are dark green in color and are arranged in a spiral pattern along the stems. In the summer months, Pichi produces small, white or pink flowers that bloom in clusters at the tips of the stems. The flowers are bell-shaped and have a sweet, pleasant fragrance.

Pichi is also used in traditional medicine for its various health benefits. The plant contains active compounds that have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties and has been used to treat various ailments such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and rheumatism.

Pichi is a hardy plant that can grow up to 2 meters in height and prefers well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade. It is drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering once established. The plant can be propagated through stem cuttings or seeds and requires minimal pruning to maintain its shape and size.

Overall, Pichi is a unique and attractive plant that is valued for its aromatic foliage, beautiful flowers, and medicinal properties. It is easy to care for and can be enjoyed as a border plant, mass planting, or container plant in gardens and landscapes.


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