Coriander (Malli)


Genus : Coriandrum

Enhance the flavors of your dishes with the delightful taste and fragrance of coriander (Malli) herb. Coriander is a versatile herb widely used in various culinary traditions around the world. Its leaves and seeds are prized for their distinct flavor, adding a refreshing and citrusy note to curries, salads, salsas, and more. By cultivating your own coriander plants from our premium seeds, you can ensure a steady supply of fresh, aromatic leaves for your kitchen. Coriander is also known for its medicinal properties and is a popular ingredient in herbal remedies and teas. Create a vibrant herb garden and experience the joy of harvesting your own coriander leaves. Start growing coriander (Malli) today and elevate the taste and aroma of your culinary creations!

Coriander, also known as Malli or cilantro, is a popular herb that is widely used in various cuisines around the world. It is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma, which adds a fresh and citrusy note to dishes.

To grow coriander from seeds, start by sowing the seeds directly into well-drained soil or in containers. Choose a sunny location or a spot that receives partial shade. Prepare the soil by removing any weeds or debris and loosening it to ensure good drainage.

Sow the coriander seeds about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and space them apart to allow room for growth. Lightly cover the seeds with soil and water gently. Keep the soil consistently moist, but avoid overwatering, as coriander prefers slightly dry conditions.

Coriander plants usually germinate within a couple of weeks. Once the seedlings emerge, thin them out if necessary, leaving about 6 to 8 inches of space between plants to allow for proper growth. Regularly water the plants, especially during dry spells, but avoid excessive moisture.

Harvest the coriander leaves when they are young and tender, usually around 3 to 4 weeks after sowing. You can snip off individual leaves or cut the entire plant near the base. The leaves can be used fresh in salads, salsas, curries, and many other dishes.

If you allow some of the coriander plants to bolt, they will produce seeds known as coriander seeds or coriander spice. These seeds have a warm, nutty flavor and are commonly used in cooking, baking, and spice blends.

Coriander is a versatile herb that adds a delightful flavor and freshness to various culinary creations. By growing coriander from seeds, you can enjoy the pleasure of having this aromatic herb readily available in your garden or kitchen.


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