Yellow Che fruit


Genus : Maclura

Elevate your garden with the Yellow Che Fruit Plant. With its striking yellow fruits and tropical appeal, this plant is a must-have for fruit enthusiasts. The Yellow Che fruits are juicy and packed with flavor, making them a delightful addition to your culinary adventures.

The yellow che fruit plant, also known as yellow Chinese mulberry, is a variety of the che fruit plant (Cudrania tricuspidata) that produces yellow fruit instead of the usual green or orange fruit of the species. The yellow che fruit plant is a deciduous tree that can grow up to 10-15 meters tall and is native to China, Japan, and Korea.

The leaves of the yellow che fruit plant are alternate, simple, and lobed, with a dark green surface and a lighter green underside. The tree is dioecious, with separate male and female flowers that are small and inconspicuous. The female flowers give way to fruit, which is about the size of a small apple and has a yellow skin when mature. The flesh of the fruit is white, juicy, and sweet with a slightly tart taste.

Like the regular che fruit plant, the yellow che fruit plant is grown mainly for its fruit, which is eaten fresh or used in various dishes such as salads, jams, and desserts. The fruit is also used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments such as coughs, sore throats, and respiratory problems.

The yellow che fruit plant is a hardy tree that prefers well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. It can be propagated from seed or cuttings and is relatively pest and disease-free. The tree is an attractive ornamental plant and is commonly used in landscaping due to its attractive foliage and fruit.


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