Genus : Sandrorium

“Bring the taste of the tropics to your backyard with the Santol Fruit Plant. This stunning tree produces large, round fruits with a sweet and tangy flavor. The Santol fruit is juicy and refreshing, making it a favorite among fruit lovers. It is commonly eaten fresh or used in various culinary creations, such as jams, jellies, and desserts. The Santol Fruit Plant is easy to grow and thrives in warm climates. Plant it in a sunny spot in your garden and watch it flourish, providing you with a bountiful harvest of delicious fruits. Experience the exotic flavors of Santol right at your doorstep.”

The Santol fruit tree, also known as Sandoricum koetjape, is a tropical tree that is native to Southeast Asia. It is a slow-growing tree that can reach up to 20 meters in height, with a dense, round crown of leaves. The Santol tree produces a round, yellow fruit that is about 5-10 cm in diameter.

The fruit has a unique flavor, with a sweet and sour taste. It is eaten fresh or used in the preparation of various dishes, such as jams, jellies, and preserves. In some cultures, the fruit is also used to make a refreshing drink.

The Santol fruit tree grows best in tropical climates with high humidity and well-drained soil. It is propagated by seeds or cuttings, and is known for being a relatively low-maintenance tree that does not require much pruning or care.

In addition to its culinary uses, the Santol fruit tree is also valued for its wood, which is hard and durable and is used in construction, furniture-making, and other applications.


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