Pigeon Orchid

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Genus                                   :             Dendrobium

“The Pigeon Orchid Plant is a stunning orchid variety known for its delicate blooms and graceful foliage. Its beauty and exotic charm make it a prized choice for orchid enthusiasts.”

The Pigeon Orchid, scientifically known as Dendrobium crumenatum, is a unique and beautiful orchid species that belongs to the Orchidaceae family. It is also commonly referred to as the “Dove Orchid” or “Pigeon Winged Orchid” due to the unique shape of its flowers.

The Pigeon Orchid is native to Southeast Asia, including countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It is an epiphytic orchid, which means it grows on other plants, such as trees, but does not harm them as it derives nutrients from the air and rain. It typically grows in warm and humid environments, and its natural habitat includes lowland rainforests and tropical regions.

The Pigeon Orchid is known for its distinctive flowers, which resemble the shape of a flying dove or pigeon with outstretched wings. The flowers are typically small to medium-sized, with a waxy texture and a pale to creamy white color. The petals and sepals of the flowers are arranged in a star-like pattern, with a lip or labellum that is often fringed or ruffled, adding to its unique appearance.

The Pigeon Orchid blooms in clusters or sprays, with multiple flowers per inflorescence, creating a stunning display of flowers. The flowers are known for their sweet fragrance, which is reminiscent of jasmine or vanilla, and can fill a room with a delightful scent.

The foliage of the Pigeon Orchid is typically strap-like or cylindrical, with leaves that are dark green in color. The plant produces pseudobulbs, which are thickened stems that store water and nutrients for the plant’s survival during periods of drought.

Caring for the Pigeon Orchid requires attention to its specific needs. It thrives in bright, indirect light, and prefers a well-draining orchid mix or bark-based medium. It requires regular watering, allowing the medium to dry out slightly between waterings, and benefits from a slightly cooler period of rest during the winter months to encourage blooming.

The Pigeon Orchid is a unique and captivating orchid species that makes a stunning addition to any orchid collection or indoor garden. Its distinctive flowers, delightful fragrance, and relatively easy care requirements make it a favorite among orchid enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


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