Pentas Red (Egyptian Starcluster)

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Genus                                   :              Pentas

“The Red Pentas Flower Plant is a must-have for butterfly gardens. Its vibrant red blooms create a stunning display and attract beautiful butterflies. Add a splash of color to your garden with this captivating plant.”

Pentas, also known as Egyptian Starcluster, is a popular flowering plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family. There are various species of Pentas, and one of the common ones is Pentas lanceolata, which is known for its vibrant red flowers. Here’s a more detailed description:


  • Leaves: Pentas has lance-shaped leaves that are dark green in color and arranged oppositely along the stems. The leaves are typically smooth or slightly hairy and can grow up to 3 to 6 inches in length.
  • Flowers: Pentas produces dense clusters of small, star-shaped flowers that are typically red in color. The flowers are usually arranged in terminal clusters, forming a rounded or domed shape. The flowers have a tubular shape with five petals and are highly attractive to pollinators such as butterflies and bees.
  • Plant Size: Pentas can grow up to 1 to 3 feet in height, depending on the species and cultivar. It has an upright growth habit with multiple stems arising from the base, forming a bushy or mounding shape.
  • Bloom Time: Pentas typically blooms from spring to fall, producing an abundance of flowers throughout the growing season. Deadheading, or removing spent flowers, can promote continuous blooming.


  • Light: Pentas prefers full sun to partial shade. It thrives in warm climates and can tolerate high temperatures, making it suitable for tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Water: Pentas prefers consistently moist, well-drained soil. It requires regular watering, especially during hot, dry periods. Avoid over-watering to prevent root rot.
  • Pruning: Pentas can benefit from occasional pruning to maintain its shape and promote bushier growth. Pruning is best done in early spring or after blooming.
  • Other care: Pentas is generally low-maintenance and does not require heavy fertilization. However, regular feeding with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer can help promote healthy growth and flowering.


  • Ornamental: Pentas is primarily grown as an ornamental plant in gardens or landscapes for its vibrant flowers and attractive foliage. It can be used as a bedding plant, border plant, or container plant, adding a splash of color to gardens, flower beds, or patio containers.
  • Pollinator attractant: The brightly colored flowers of Pentas are highly attractive to pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, making it a great plant for pollinator gardens or wildlife-friendly landscapes.
  • Cut flowers: Pentas flowers are long-lasting and make excellent cut flowers, adding a pop of color to floral arrangements.

In conclusion, Pentas is a popular flowering plant with vibrant red flowers that adds color and beauty to gardens and landscapes. It is relatively low-maintenance and can attract pollinators, making it a versatile and attractive choice for gardens, flower beds, or containers.


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