Passion Fruit Red , Yellow, Violet – Combo No: 3

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Indulge in the vibrant and tropical flavors of passion fruit with our Passion Fruit Red, Yellow, and Violet plant combo pack. Each variety offers a unique taste experience, from the sweet and tangy flavor of the red passion fruit to the mellow and tropical notes of the yellow and violet varieties. These vigorous and productive plants will adorn your garden with their lush vines and colorful fruits. Enjoy the pleasure of harvesting and savoring your own homegrown passion fruits, perfect for refreshing juices, desserts, and exotic culinary creations.

Passion fruit, also known as Passiflora edulis, is a vine-like plant native to South America. It is valued for its edible fruit, which is typically consumed fresh or used in juices, desserts, and other culinary applications. Passion fruit comes in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, and purple/violet.

Red passion fruit has a slightly tart flavor and a bright red outer skin when ripe. The inner flesh is typically orange or yellow and contains many small, edible seeds.

Yellow passion fruit has a more tropical, sweet flavor than the red variety. It has a yellow outer skin when ripe and the inner flesh is yellow and also contains small, edible seeds.

Purple or Violet passion fruit has a more musky and tart flavor than the other two varieties. It has a thick, purple/violet outer skin when ripe, and the inner flesh is yellow and also contains many small, edible seeds.

All three varieties of passion fruit plants are easy to grow and can be trained to grow on trellises, fences, or other structures. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Passion fruit plants produce large, showy flowers that can be white or purple/violet, depending on the variety. The flowers are followed by fruit, which typically ripens in the fall. Passion fruit plants are known for their vigorous growth and can be quite prolific, producing many pounds of fruit per plant each year.


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