Neyvalli (Kodaluchurukki)


“The Neyvalli Plant is renowned for its stunning and vibrant foliage. With its eye-catching appearance and low-maintenance requirements, it is a perfect choice for both gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts. Elevate your space with the beauty of the Neyvalli Plant.”

Morinda umbellata is a species of flowering plant in the coffee family, Rubiaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The plant typically grows up to 3-4 meters tall and has a dense, bushy growth habit. The leaves are large, glossy, and dark green in color, arranged in an opposite pattern along the stem. The plant produces clusters of small, tubular white flowers, which are followed by fleshy, edible fruits that are orange or reddish-brown in color.

In traditional medicine, various parts of the Morinda umbellata plant, including the roots, leaves, and fruits, have been used for their medicinal properties. They are believed to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant effects. The plant is also used in cosmetics and skincare products for its anti-aging and skin brightening properties.

Morinda umbellata is a hardy and low-maintenance plant that can be grown in a variety of soil types, but it prefers moist, well-drained soil. It is often propagated through stem cuttings or seeds. The plant is also known to attract butterflies and other pollinators to the garden.


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