Musang King Durian (Duriyan) Grafted

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Elevate your garden with the Musang King Durian Fruit Plant. Renowned for its superior quality and intense flavor, this plant adds a touch of luxury to any landscape. Easy to cultivate and maintain, it promises a bountiful harvest of delicious fruits. Enhance your garden with the Musang King Durian Fruit Plant and enjoy its beauty and flavor for years to come.

Immerse yourself in the regal essence of the Musang King Durian Fruit Plant. Originating from Malaysia, this esteemed variety is celebrated for its exceptional taste and aroma, often regarded as the “King of Durians.” With its distinctive creamy texture and rich, sweet flavor, Musang King Durian is a prized delicacy enjoyed by durian enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond its culinary allure, the Musang King Durian Fruit Plant graces any garden with its majestic presence, featuring lush green foliage and large, spiky fruits. With proper care and maintenance, this plant yields a plentiful harvest, rewarding gardeners with its delectable fruits. Whether grown in your backyard or a container garden, the Musang King Durian Fruit Plant promises an indulgent experience for all durian lovers. Bring home the Musang King and savor the royal flavors of this esteemed durian variety in the comfort of your own garden.


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