Moovandan Mango


Genus : Magngifera

“Experience the divine flavor of the Moovandan Mango with our Moovandan Mango Plant. This exceptional mango variety is renowned for its exquisite taste, enticing aroma, and smooth, fiberless texture. Its juicy sweetness and tropical goodness make it a favorite among mango lovers. The Moovandan Mango Plant is a compact and manageable tree that thrives in tropical and subtropical climates, bringing the joy of homegrown mangoes to your garden. With its vibrant foliage and delectable fruits, this mango plant adds beauty and delectable flavors to your outdoor space. Enjoy the pleasure of growing and harvesting your very own Moovandan Mangoes!”

Moovandan mango is a variety of mango that is native to the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is a small to medium-sized mango that is typically oval or oblong in shape, with a greenish-yellow skin that turns bright yellow as it ripens. The flesh of the Moovandan mango is juicy, sweet, and fragrant, with a deep orange color and a smooth texture.

Moovandan mangoes are highly prized for their unique flavor and aroma, which is often described as a mix of honey, pineapple, and citrus. They are also known for their high sugar content, which makes them ideal for use in desserts, jams, and other sweet preparations.

In Kerala, Moovandan mangoes are a popular fruit, and are often used in local cuisine. They are eaten fresh, or used in dishes like mango curry, mango pickle, and mango chutney. Moovandan mangoes are also used to make a variety of beverages, including mango lassi, mango juice, and mango shake.

Overall, the Moovandan mango is a delicious and highly sought-after variety of mango that is beloved for its rich flavor, juicy texture, and versatile culinary uses.


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