Matisia Soegengil

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Genus : Matisia

Introduce the Matisia Soegengil Fruit Plant to your garden and savor its extraordinary fruits. This tropical tree bears delectable and visually appealing fruits with a unique flavor profile, adding a touch of exoticism to your home garden.

Matisia cordata and Matisia excelsa are large evergreen trees that are native to South and Central America. They are known for their large, oval-shaped fruit, which can grow up to 12 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide. The fruit has a tough, fibrous outer shell that is dark brown or reddish-brown in color, and inside it contains a soft, pulpy flesh that is creamy white or yellow in color. The flesh is sweet and tangy, with a flavor that is often compared to a mix of chocolate and caramel.

The fruit of the Matisia cordata and Matisia excelsa trees is often used in traditional medicine to treat a range of ailments, including respiratory issues, digestive problems, and skin conditions. It is also used as a natural energy booster and is a popular ingredient in drinks and smoothies in some parts of South America.


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