Malaveppu (Melia Dubia)

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Genus                                   :             Chinaberry

“The Malaveppu Plant is an exquisite addition to any garden. Its beautiful foliage and aromatic leaves make it a standout choice for landscaping. Cultivate this versatile plant and create a serene and fragrant outdoor space.”

Melia dubia is a fast-growing deciduous tree that belongs to the family Meliaceae. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions throughout Asia. The tree is commonly known as “malai vembu” or “malabar neem” in India.

The tree can grow up to 20 meters tall, with a trunk diameter of up to 50 cm. The bark is grayish-brown and rough, and the leaves are long and pinnate, with 7-17 leaflets that are oblong and up to 15 cm long. The flowers are small and white, and the fruit is a drupe that is green when young and turns yellow when mature.

Melia dubia is known for its strong and durable wood, which is used in construction, furniture making, and as firewood. The tree also has several traditional medicinal uses, including treating fever, inflammation, and skin diseases. The bark and leaves contain bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, terpenoids, and alkaloids, which may contribute to its medicinal properties.

In addition, Melia dubia is also used as a fodder tree, providing valuable feed for livestock. The leaves and twigs are rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals, and vitamins, and can be used as a supplement to improve animal health and productivity.

Melia dubia is a valuable tree species with a range of uses, and its fast growth and adaptability make it a popular choice for reforestation and agroforestry projects.


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