Lilly Pilly (Monkey Apple)

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Genus : Syzygium

“The Lilly Pilly Fruit Plant is a fantastic addition to your garden, producing delicious and versatile edible berries. Enjoy them fresh, use them in your favorite recipes, or preserve them for later. A must-have for fruit lovers!”

Monkey apple, also known as Strychnos spinosa, is a small tree or shrub that is native to Africa. The plant belongs to the family Loganiaceae, and it can grow up to 10 meters in height.

The fruit of the monkey apple tree is oval-shaped, about 2-4 cm in diameter, and has a hard, woody shell that is covered with small, sharp spines. The shell is usually green when young and matures to a brownish-yellow color. The fruit contains a soft, white pulp that is juicy and has a slightly sour taste.

The monkey apple tree is drought-resistant and can thrive in various soil types, including sandy and clay soils. The plant prefers a warm, dry climate and is often found in savannas, woodlands, and rocky areas. The tree is also valued for its medicinal properties, and various parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments, including fever, diarrhea, and snakebites.

In addition to its medicinal value, the monkey apple fruit is also consumed by local communities and is used in the production of jams, jellies, and drinks. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and other essential nutrients, making it a valuable source of nutrition.

Due to its hard, woody shell, the monkey apple fruit is not widely cultivated commercially. However, the tree is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks due to its unique appearance and attractive fruits. The plant is also sometimes used as a hedge or barrier due to its sharp spines, which can deter animals and humans from crossing.


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