Lemon Vine (Passiflora laurifolia)


Genus                                   :             Pereskia Aculeata

“Our Lemon Vine Flower Plant features stunning blooms and a delightful citrus scent. Add a pop of color and fragrance to your garden with this beautiful plant.”

The Lemon Vine flower plant, also known as Passiflora laurifolia, is a species of passionflower that belongs to the Passifloraceae family. It is a vining perennial plant native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, including countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

The Lemon Vine flower plant is known for its stunning and unique flowers, which are typically large and showy. The flowers have a complex structure with five sepals, five petals, and a prominent central structure called a corona. The sepals and petals are typically white to light yellow in color, while the corona is often a darker yellow or orange color, resembling the color of a lemon, which gives the plant its common name “Lemon Vine.”

The leaves of the Lemon Vine flower plant are glossy and dark green, with a lanceolate or elliptical shape. They are arranged alternately along the vining stems, which can grow several feet in length. The stems are typically green and may have tendrils that allow the plant to climb and attach to supports such as trellises or other plants.

The Lemon Vine flower plant is known for its vigorous growth and can be grown as a climbing vine or trained to grow as a ground cover. It is a fast-growing plant that can produce abundant flowers from late spring to early fall, depending on the climate. The flowers are pollinated by bees and butterflies, which are attracted to the plant’s vibrant colors and sweet nectar.

In addition to its ornamental value, the Lemon Vine flower plant has some culinary uses. The fruit produced by the plant is edible, although it is not commonly consumed. The fruit is usually round or ovoid, about the size of a small apple, and has a yellow to orange color when ripe. It has a sweet and tart flavor, similar to that of a passion fruit, and can be used in jams, jellies, and desserts.

Overall, the Lemon Vine flower plant is a striking and versatile plant that can add a touch of tropical beauty to gardens or landscapes. Its unique flowers, glossy foliage, and edible fruit make it a popular choice among gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike.


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