Mallika Mango (Grafted)

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Genus Mangifera

“Indulge in the sweet and juicy flavors of Mallika mangoes with our premium grafted flower plant. This tropical fruit paradise can be yours to grow and enjoy at home.”

Mallika mango is a variety of mango that is known for its sweet, juicy, and aromatic flesh. The fruit is medium-sized, weighing around 300-400 grams each, with a bright yellow skin and a reddish-orange blush. Mallika mangoes are a crossbreed of the Neelam and Dussehri varieties and are known for their excellent flavor and texture.

Mallika mango fruit plants are typically grown in tropical and subtropical regions, particularly in India, where they are popularly cultivated. They are also grown in other parts of the world, including Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. These plants are easy to grow and maintain, making them a popular choice for home gardeners and farmers.

The Mallika mango plant is a vigorous grower and can reach a height of up to 15-20 feet if left unpruned. It requires well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight to thrive. The plant is also relatively disease-resistant, making it a low-maintenance option for growers.

Mallika mango fruit plants are typically propagated through grafting, which involves taking a cutting from a mature tree and attaching it to a rootstock. This allows the plant to grow faster and produce fruit more quickly than growing from a seed.

In terms of fruit production, Mallika mango plants can yield up to 100-150 fruits per tree in a single season. The fruits are typically harvested when they are fully ripe and have a sweet, fragrant aroma. They can be eaten fresh, used in smoothies or desserts, or processed into jams and other products.

Overall, Mallika mango fruit plants are a great choice for anyone looking to grow delicious, high-quality mangoes at home or on a larger scale. With proper care and maintenance, these plants can provide a bountiful harvest of sweet and juicy fruit for years to come.


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