Karuka pullu (Cynodon dactylon), (Belikaruka)

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Genus : Cynodon

“Introducing the Karuka Pullu Plant, a remarkable plant with distinct leaves and valuable medicinal properties. Explore its cultivation techniques and discover the various ways it can be used for health and wellness purposes.”

Cynodon dactylon, commonly known as Bermuda grass, is a species of grass that is native to Africa, but is now found in many parts of the world. It is a hardy and drought-resistant grass that is often used for lawns, golf courses, and sports fields.

Bermuda grass is a perennial grass that grows quickly and spreads by above-ground stolons, which are also known as runners. It has a deep root system that can reach up to 2 meters in depth, which allows it to withstand dry conditions and high temperatures.

The grass has a fine texture and is a light to medium green color, and can grow up to 30-40 cm tall. It is often used as a turfgrass, as it is able to withstand heavy foot traffic and is very resilient. It is also a popular forage grass for livestock, as it is highly nutritious and palatable.

In traditional medicine, Cynodon dactylon is used to treat a variety of health conditions, including fever, digestive issues, and skin disorders. It is believed to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is sometimes used as a natural remedy for insect bites and stings.

Overall, Cynodon dactylon is a versatile grass species that is valued for its ability to withstand drought and high temperatures, and for its use in landscaping and agriculture.


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