Karalakam (Aristolochia Indica)

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Genus                                   :              Aristolochia

“The Karalakam plant, also known as Aristolochia Indica, is a captivating addition to any garden. It boasts unique features and an exotic charm that will make your garden stand out. With its attractive foliage and intriguing flowers, the Karalakam plant is sure to be a conversation starter. Create a one-of-a-kind garden with the Karalakam plant.”

Aristolochia indica, also known as Indian birthwort, is a perennial climbing plant that belongs to the Aristolochiaceae family. It is native to India and is found in many parts of the country, growing in moist deciduous forests and along riverbanks.

The plant can grow up to 4 meters in length and has heart-shaped leaves that are 8-15 cm long. The flowers are tubular in shape and are about 5-10 cm long, with a curved or bent appearance that resembles a Dutchman’s pipe. The flowers are greenish-yellow in color with purple veins and have a unique and strong odor that is attractive to certain pollinators, such as flies.

Aristolochia indica is valued for its medicinal properties and has been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including respiratory disorders, fever, and snakebites. The plant contains several bioactive compounds, including aristolochic acids, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antitumor properties.

However, Aristolochia indica contains toxic aristolochic acids that can cause kidney damage and even cancer in humans if consumed in large quantities or for prolonged periods. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using the plant for medicinal purposes.

The plant is also cultivated for its ornamental value, as its unique flowers and foliage can add interest to a garden or landscape. It prefers a sunny or partially shaded location with well-drained soil and is relatively easy to grow from seed or stem cuttings.


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