Hybrid Swenson Green Grape

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Genus                                   :             Vitis vinifera ‘Green Globe’

“The Hybrid Swenson Green Grape Plant is a refreshing addition to any garden or vineyard. With its crisp green grapes and vigorous growth, it offers a bountiful harvest and thriving vines. Perfect for grape lovers!”

The Hybrid Swenson Green Grape is a grape variety known for its unique and distinctive characteristics. This grape vine produces medium-sized, green grapes that have a sweet and tangy flavor, with hints of tropical fruits and citrus.

The berries of the Hybrid Swenson Green Grape are typically round and have a light green color when ripe, sometimes with a slight golden hue. The skin of the grapes is thin and delicate, and it is easily peeled off when eaten. The grapes are usually seedless or contain small, edible seeds.

The vines of the Hybrid Swenson Green Grape are vigorous and can grow in a variety of climates, although they tend to perform best in warmer regions. They are disease-resistant and can tolerate heat and drought, making them a suitable choice for vineyards in areas with challenging growing conditions.

One of the notable characteristics of the Hybrid Swenson Green Grape is its high sugar content, which contributes to its sweet flavor profile. The grapes are typically harvested in late summer or early fall when they reach their optimal ripeness.

The Hybrid Swenson Green Grape is often used for making white wines, as well as for table grapes, fresh eating, and in fruit salads. They can also be used for making juice or dried into raisins. The sweet and tangy flavor of the grapes adds a refreshing and unique taste to various culinary applications.

In summary, the Hybrid Swenson Green Grape is a vigorous grape vine that produces medium-sized, green grapes with a sweet and tangy flavor. Its disease resistance and adaptability to different climates make it a popular choice for grape growers, and its high sugar content makes it suitable for various culinary uses.


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