Green Kanthari (Pachakanthari) Bird’s Eye Chili

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Ganus : Capsicum

“Experience the fiery flavor of Green Kanthari (Pachakanthari) peppers by growing them in your own garden. Our high-quality vegetable plant seeds ensure the successful cultivation of these spicy peppers, perfect for adding a kick to your favorite dishes.”

Green Kanthari, also known as Bird’s Eye Chilli or Thai Chilli, is a small, hot pepper variety widely used in South Indian and Thai cuisines. It is named after its bird’s eye-like appearance and intense spiciness.

The Green Kanthari plant is compact and bushy, with small, pointed leaves and clusters of small green fruits. The peppers start off green and gradually turn to vibrant red as they ripen. They are known for their fiery heat and pungent flavor, which adds a kick to dishes.

In South Indian cuisine, Green Kanthari peppers are commonly used to make chutneys, pickles, and spice powders. They are also used in Thai cuisine to add heat and flavor to curries, stir-fries, and sauces. Despite their small size, Green Kanthari peppers pack a punch in terms of spiciness.

When growing Green Kanthari plants, they prefer a warm and sunny environment with well-drained soil. Regular watering is necessary to keep the plants hydrated. The seeds can be sown directly in the garden or started indoors and later transplanted.

Green Kanthari plants are relatively easy to grow and can be cultivated in pots or garden beds. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy a plentiful harvest of these fiery peppers to add a spicy twist to your culinary creations.


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