Foreign Bowl

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Genus : Lotus

“Enhance your garden with the enchanting Foreign Bowl Lotus Plants. Known for their exotic and captivating beauty, these plants will add a touch of uniqueness to your outdoor oasis. Create a mesmerizing and vibrant atmosphere at home.”

Hybrid Lotus refers to lotus plants that are the result of crossbreeding different species or cultivars of lotus plants. These hybrids are created to combine desirable traits from different parent plants, resulting in unique characteristics. Here’s a more general description of Hybrid Lotus plants:

1. Varied Colors and Patterns: Hybrid Lotus plants can exhibit a wide range of colors and patterns. The flowers may come in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, or even bi-color combinations. Additionally, they may feature unique patterns such as speckles, stripes, or contrasting petal edges. The diversity of colors and patterns in hybrid lotus plants adds to their visual appeal.

2. Diverse Flower Forms: Hybrid Lotus plants can showcase various flower forms. Some may have single, open blooms with distinct petals, while others may display double or multi-petaled flowers with intricate layers of petals. The flower forms can range from flat to cup-shaped, adding to the diversity of hybrid lotus plants.

3. Different Petal Sizes: The size of the petals in hybrid lotus plants can vary. Some hybrids may have smaller, delicate petals, while others may feature larger, more robust petals. The size of the petals contributes to the overall visual impact of the flowers.

4. Unique Fragrances: Hybrid Lotus plants may exhibit unique fragrances that vary from plant to plant. The fragrances can range from subtle and sweet to intense and spicy. Some hybrids may even have fragrance variations throughout the day, with different scents during the day and at night.

5. Varied Plant Sizes: Hybrid Lotus plants can vary in their overall size and growth habit. Some hybrids may be more compact, making them suitable for smaller water gardens or containers. Others may have larger, more vigorous growth and require more space in a pond or water feature.

6. Hardy and Adaptable: Hybrid Lotus plants are typically hardy and adaptable, able to tolerate a range of water conditions. They can thrive in still or slow-moving water and are generally resilient to different climates. However, specific care requirements may vary depending on the parent plants involved in the hybridization.

7. Wildlife Attraction: Hybrid Lotus plants, like other lotus varieties, attract various forms of wildlife to your water garden or pond. The flowers serve as a food source for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. The lily pads provide shelter and resting spots for aquatic creatures, such as fish and frogs.

Hybrid Lotus plants offer a wide array of colors, patterns, and flower forms, making them a popular choice among water garden enthusiasts. Their unique combinations of traits create visually stunning displays and add beauty and interest to any aquatic landscape.


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