Dasheri Mango

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Genus                                   :              Mangifera

The Dasheri Mango Fruit Plant is a top choice for mango lovers. With this plant, you can have your very own Dasheri mangoes right in your backyard. Dasheri mangoes are known for their exceptional sweetness, rich flavor, and juicy texture. The fruit is medium-sized with a distinctive shape and a bright yellow skin when ripe. It is a popular variety in India and is highly sought after for its delectable taste. The Dasheri Mango Fruit Plant is easy to grow and will reward you with a bountiful harvest of delicious mangoes. Enjoy the taste of tropical goodness with this premium mango plant.

Dasheri mango (Mangifera indica ‘Dasheri’) is a popular mango cultivar originating from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is known for its unique flavor and juicy, fiberless flesh, and is considered one of the best mango varieties in India.

The Dasheri mango tree is a large, spreading tree that can grow up to 40 feet tall with a dense, rounded crown. It has dark green, glossy leaves that are around 6-16 inches long, and fragrant flowers that bloom in winter and early spring. The fruit is medium-sized and oval-shaped, with a yellowish-green skin that develops a pink blush as it ripens.

The flesh of the Dasheri mango is smooth and juicy, with a sweet and aromatic flavor that is rich in tropical notes. It is almost fiberless, making it an ideal fruit for eating fresh or for use in desserts, smoothies, and other recipes. The fruit is typically harvested in late June or early July and is known for its long shelf life, which makes it a popular choice for export.

The Dasheri mango tree requires warm, humid conditions to grow, and prefers well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. It needs regular watering, especially during the flowering and fruiting seasons. The tree is generally pest and disease-resistant, but it may be susceptible to fungal diseases and insect infestations if the growing conditions are not optimal.

In summary, Dasheri mango is a prized mango variety known for its exceptional flavor, juicy flesh, and long shelf life. It is a large tree that requires warm, humid conditions to grow and produces fruit that is ideal for eating fresh or for use in various culinary applications.


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