Chembakam Orange

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The orange Chembakam flower plant is a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. With its vibrant orange blooms and delightful fragrance, it creates a captivating visual and sensory experience. The plant thrives in warm and tropical climates, making it a perfect choice for gardens in such regions. Bring a touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor space with the stunning orange Chembakam flower plant.

Chembakam Orange Flower is a popular flowering plant that belongs to the family of Asteraceae. It is a perennial plant that is native to South America but is now widely cultivated around the world as an ornamental plant due to its beautiful and fragrant flowers.

The Chembakam Orange Flower plant typically grows up to a height of 12-24 inches and has a spread of 12-18 inches. The leaves of the plant are green, glossy, and lance-shaped, and they grow up to a length of 4-6 inches. The flowers of the plant are bright orange in color and have a unique, sweet fragrance that attracts bees and butterflies.

Chembakam Orange Flower is a relatively easy plant to grow, and it thrives in well-draining soil and partial to full sunlight. It is best grown in zones 9-11 and requires regular watering to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. The plant is also relatively resistant to pests and diseases, making it a low-maintenance choice for gardeners.

Overall, Chembakam Orange Flower is a beautiful and fragrant addition to any garden or landscape. Its bright orange flowers and unique fragrance make it a standout plant that is sure to impress.


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