Chang Deang Mango

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Genus : Mangifera

Chang Deang mango is a cultivar of mango, a tropical fruit that is widely grown in many countries including India, Philippines, and Thailand. The tree produces medium to large-sized mangoes that are oval in shape and have a yellow-orange skin. The flesh of the Chang Deang mango is firm, juicy, and sweet, with a slight tangy flavor. It is often used for eating fresh, in smoothies, or for making mango juice or mango-based desserts. The tree is known for its good yield and disease resistance, making it a popular choice for commercial mango production.

Chang Deang Mango is a variety of mango fruit plant that is known for its delicious taste and unique characteristics. This variety is highly popular in certain regions and is cultivated for its sweet and juicy fruits.

The Chang Deang Mango plant typically grows into a medium to large-sized tree, reaching heights of up to 10-15 meters (33-49 feet). It has an upright and spreading growth habit, with a dense canopy of dark green foliage. The leaves are glossy and leathery, providing an attractive appearance to the tree.

The fruits of the Chang Deang Mango are medium to large in size, weighing around 400-600 grams (14-21 ounces) each. They have an oval or oblong shape, with a smooth, thin skin that turns from green to yellow as it ripens. The flesh of the mango is vibrant orange in color, juicy, and fiberless. It has a sweet, tropical flavor with a hint of tartness, making it a delightful treat for mango lovers.

One of the distinguishing features of the Chang Deang Mango is its relatively low fiber content, which contributes to its smooth and buttery texture. This makes it a popular choice for fresh consumption, as well as for various culinary uses such as desserts, smoothies, and salads.

The Chang Deang Mango plant thrives in warm and tropical climates, requiring temperatures between 25-35ยฐC (77-95ยฐF) for optimal growth. It prefers well-drained soil and regular watering to maintain its health and productivity.

Like other mango varieties, the Chang Deang Mango plant is generally propagated through grafting or budding techniques. This ensures that the desirable traits of the parent plant are passed on to the new trees.

Overall, the Chang Deang Mango is a highly sought-after mango variety due to its delicious taste, low fiber content, and attractive appearance. Whether enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary creations, this mango fruit plant is sure to satisfy the taste buds of mango enthusiasts.


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