Chakkara Tulai (Stevia)

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Genus : Ocimum

Indulge in the sweet taste of Chakkara Tulsi, a variant of Holy Basil known for its delightful flavor and medicinal value. Discover the art of cultivating and savoring this aromatic herb to harness its abundant health benefits

Stevia is a small perennial herb that is native to Paraguay and Brazil, but is now widely cultivated around the world. It is part of the Asteraceae family, which includes sunflowers and daisies, and can grow up to 60 cm tall. The leaves of the plant are green, serrated, and have a slightly bitter taste, but they contain sweet-tasting compounds called steviol glycosides, which are extracted to create a natural, low-calorie sweetener. The stevia plant prefers warm temperatures and well-draining soil, and it is typically grown from seed or cuttings. In addition to its use as a sweetener, stevia has also been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and digestive issues.


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