Begonias are a large group of plants that come in many different varieties. Some common types include fibrous begonias, tuberous begonias, and rex begonias. The brown leaf begonia is a variety that is known for its dark, chocolate-brown leaves. They typically have green leaves with brown spots or splotches, or they may have leaves that are entirely brown. They are grown as houseplants and they thrive in bright, indirect light. They like to be kept consistently moist but not waterlogged, and they prefer a humidity level of 50% or higher. They are typically propagated by taking leaf cuttings, but they can also be grown from seed. Some species of Begonias are also known for their beautiful blooms that are available in different colours such as pink, red, orange, and white.

Genus                                   :    Begonia

Season                                 :

Maintenance                     :               Low

Sunlight Requirements  :               Different

Size                                        :               Small

Pot                                         :               Without

Sensitive                              :               Low

Water Requirement        :               Medium


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