Araza Boi


Genus : Eugenia

“Experience the distinctive flavor of Araza Boi with this exotic fruit tree. The Araza Boi plant yields tart and tangy fruits that are ideal for creating refreshing desserts, beverages, and more. Add a touch of tropical delight to your garden.”

Araza Boi is a tropical fruit tree that is native to the Amazon basin in South America. The tree produces small, yellow fruits that are about the size of a cherry tomato.

The Araza Boi fruit has a thin, delicate skin and is filled with a sweet, juicy pulp that has a tangy, citrus-like flavor. The fruit is often compared to a combination of pineapple and lemon, with a hint of peach. It is rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidants, which can help protect the body against disease.

The Araza Boi tree is a small, bushy tree that can grow up to 4 meters tall. It has shiny, dark green leaves and produces small, white flowers that are followed by the fruit. The tree is generally grown in tropical and subtropical climates, where the temperature is warm and humid.

The Araza Boi fruit is often eaten fresh, but can also be used in a variety of dishes. It is commonly used to make jams, jellies, and sauces, and can also be used to flavor beverages and desserts. The fruit is also used in traditional medicine, where it is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat skin conditions and digestive problems.

Overall, the Araza Boi is a unique and delicious fruit that is enjoyed by many people in South America. While it is not yet widely available outside of its native region, it is becoming more popular as people discover its delicious flavor and potential health benefits.


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