Water Lilly (White)


Genus                                   :                Lilies

“White Water Lily Aquatic Plants are a mesmerizing addition to any water garden. With their elegant white blooms floating on the water’s surface and their lily pads providing shelter for aquatic life, they create a serene and enchanting oasis. Bring home these exquisite aquatic plants and transform your water feature into a breathtaking spectacle.”

Water lilies are aquatic plants that are known for their beautiful and serene appearance. The white water lily, also known as the Nymphaea odorata, is a specific type of water lily that is native to North America.

The white water lily has large, circular leaves that float on the surface of the water. The leaves are green on the upper surface and reddish-purple on the lower surface. The leaves are also coated with a waxy substance that helps repel water, keeping them dry and buoyant.

The flowers of the white water lily are what make it so attractive. The flowers are large and fragrant, with a pure white color and a yellow center. The flowers open in the morning and close in the afternoon, and they bloom from late spring to early fall.

White water lilies are a popular choice for ponds and water gardens because of their beauty and ease of care. They require full sun to partial shade and prefer calm, still water. They are also easy to propagate, either by dividing the rhizomes or by planting the seeds.

Aside from their aesthetic value, white water lilies also provide important benefits to aquatic ecosystems. They provide shade and shelter for fish and other aquatic creatures, and their leaves and roots help filter the water, removing excess nutrients and pollutants.


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