Thailand Chamba

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Genus                                   :                Chamba

“Indulge in the unique tropical flavor of Thailand Chamba fruits by growing your own plants. Our premium fruit plants ensure the cultivation of these delicious and exotic fruits right at home.”

wax apple, also known as the Java apple, is a tropical fruit plant that is commonly found in Southeast Asia, including Thailand. The scientific name for this plant is Syzygium samarangense, and it belongs to the family Myrtaceae. The fruit of the wax apple plant is a bell-shaped fruit that is typically 2-3 inches in length and has a waxy, smooth skin that can range in color from pink to red to green.

The flesh of the wax apple is crisp and juicy, with a slightly sweet flavor that is similar to a watermelon or a pear. Inside the fruit, there is a central core that contains several small seeds. The seeds are not typically eaten and are usually discarded.

Wax apple plants are relatively easy to grow and can thrive in a variety of soil types, including sandy or clay soils. They require warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight to grow and produce fruit. In Thailand, the wax apple is a popular fruit that is eaten fresh, juiced, or used in desserts and salads.


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