Star of Siam


Genus : Lilies

“Elevate your water garden with the enchanting Star of Siam Water Lily aquatic plants. Known for their elegant beauty and serene presence, these plants will add a touch of grace to your aquatic oasis. Create a serene and captivating atmosphere at home.”

The Star of Siam Water Lily, also known as Nymphaea ‘Star of Siam,’ is a specific variety of water lily that is highly regarded for its unique and captivating features. Here’s a description of the Star of Siam Water Lily:

Flower: The Star of Siam Water Lily produces large and exquisite flowers that have a distinct coloration. The petals are a vibrant shade of deep violet to purple with a prominent yellow center. The contrast between the dark petals and the bright yellow stamens creates an eye-catching display. The flowers are cup-shaped and usually measure around 4-6 inches in diameter.

Fragrance: This variety of water lily is renowned for its pleasant fragrance. The blossoms emit a sweet and alluring scent, enhancing the sensory experience of observing and enjoying the flowers.

Foliage: The leaves of the Star of Siam Water Lily are typically green and circular, ranging in size from medium to large. They have a smooth texture and a glossy appearance. The leaves float on the water’s surface and provide a backdrop for the striking flowers.

Growth Habit: Like other water lilies, the Star of Siam has a rhizomatous growth habit. The rhizomes are planted in the soil at the bottom of ponds or water gardens, while the leaves and flowers emerge on the water’s surface. This water lily variety requires a sufficient water depth, usually around 12-24 inches, to thrive.

Sunlight and Hardiness: The Star of Siam Water Lily flourishes in full sun or partial shade. It requires a minimum of 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day to produce optimal growth and flowering. In terms of hardiness, this variety is typically considered a tropical or tender water lily and may require protection or overwintering indoors in regions with colder climates.

The Star of Siam Water Lily adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any water garden or pond. Its distinct purple petals, yellow center, delightful fragrance, and attractive foliage make it a sought-after choice among water gardening enthusiasts.

Please note that specific care instructions may vary depending on your location and local climate conditions, so it’s always recommended to consult local gardening resources or experts for the best practices in growing and maintaining the Star of Siam Water Lily or any other water lily variety.


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