Red Peony


Genus : Lotus

“Transform your water garden with the captivating Red Peony Lotus aquatic plants. Their striking beauty and graceful blooms will add elegance to your aquatic landscape. Create a serene ambiance at home.”

The Red Peony Lotus is a specific cultivar of the lotus plant (Nelumbo) known for its striking red flowers and resemblance to the peony flower. It is a captivating and sought-after variety among lotus enthusiasts and water gardeners.

The Red Peony Lotus, as the name suggests, features large, showy flowers that resemble peony blooms. The flowers are typically a vibrant shade of red, ranging from deep crimson to bright scarlet. They have multiple layers of petals that are arranged in a cup-like shape, creating a visually stunning display. The petals can have varying textures, with some being smooth and others having a ruffled or fringed appearance, reminiscent of peony flowers.

The leaves of the Red Peony Lotus are typically green and round, similar to other lotus varieties. They are large and float on the surface of the water, providing an elegant backdrop to the vibrant flowers. The leaves can reach sizes of up to 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter, creating a lush and impressive presence in water gardens or ponds.

Cultivating Red Peony Lotus requires similar conditions as other lotus plants. They prefer warm climates and full sunlight for optimal growth and flowering. The plants grow in shallow waters, typically in the range of 2-6 inches (5-15 cm) above the soil surface. They require nutrient-rich soil, often a muddy or silty substrate, to anchor their roots and provide necessary nutrients.

Red Peony Lotus plants can be grown from seeds or tubers. Seeds are often started in containers or seed trays and then transplanted into the water once they have developed into seedlings. Tubers, which are specialized underground stems, can be divided and planted to propagate new plants.

The Red Peony Lotus, with its captivating red flowers resembling peonies, adds a touch of elegance and beauty to water gardens, ponds, and other aquatic environments. It combines the cultural significance and symbolism of lotus flowers with the charm of peony blooms, creating a unique and enchanting presence.


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