Rambha (Biriyani Leaves) Pandanus Amaryllifoliu



Genus: Pandanus

“The Rambha plant, commonly known as Biryani Leaves, adds a delightful aroma and flavor to various culinary creations. Cultivate this plant to have a ready supply of fresh leaves for your cooking.”

Pandanus amaryllifolius, also known as the pandan plant, is a tropical plant that belongs to the Pandanaceae family. It is native to Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, but is also cultivated in other tropical regions around the world.

The pandan plant is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 2 meters in height. It has long, narrow leaves that can reach up to 1 meter in length and 2-4 cm in width. The leaves are bright green in color and are characterized by their aromatic fragrance, which is often described as a mix of floral, fruity, and nutty scents.

The plant produces small flowers that are arranged in a dense, cone-shaped inflorescence that can reach up to 30 cm in length. The flowers are yellowish-white in color and are followed by small, greenish-black fruits that contain tiny seeds.

The pandan plant is widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine for its unique flavor and aroma. The leaves are often used to flavor rice, desserts, and drinks, and are also used as a natural food coloring. The plant is also used in traditional medicine for its various health benefits, including its ability to relieve pain, reduce fever, and improve digestion.

Overall, Pandanus amaryllifolius is a versatile and fragrant plant that plays an important role in the cuisine and culture of Southeast Asia.


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