Pink Longan

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Genus : Dimocarpus

Indulge in the sweetness and juiciness of Pink Longan fruits with our Pink Longan Fruit Plant. This delightful tropical fruit will grace your garden with its beautiful pink hues and reward you with its delectable flavor and refreshing juiciness.

Pink longan fruit plant is another variety of the longan fruit plant, known for its pinkish outer shell and sweet, juicy flesh. The pink longan is also referred to as “Hua Mo” in Chinese, which translates to “flower bud” due to its resemblance to a small flower bud.

The pink longan is native to southern China and is also commonly grown in other Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand and Vietnam. The fruit is slightly smaller than the Diamond River longan and has a thin, pinkish-brown outer shell with small, fine bumps.

The flesh of the pink longan is similar in texture and taste to other longan varieties, with a translucent, jelly-like appearance and a small, dark seed in the center. However, the pink longan is known for its sweeter and more fragrant flavor, with a subtle hint of floral notes.

The pink longan fruit plant is a relatively small tree that typically grows up to 20-25 feet tall. It requires a warm and humid climate to grow and is commonly cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions.

The pink longan fruit plant requires regular watering and well-drained soil, and prefers full to partial sunlight. It is also important to provide adequate nutrients to promote healthy growth and fruit production.

The pink longan is commonly eaten fresh, and is also used in various culinary dishes, including desserts, jams, and beverages. It is also believed to have various health benefits, including improving digestion and promoting healthy skin and hair.

Overall, the pink longan fruit plant is a popular choice among fruit enthusiasts and farmers for its unique appearance and sweet, fragrant flavor.


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