Nattumavu (Pullisseri Mango)


Genus : Mangifera

Indulge in the exquisite Nattumavu Mangoes with our Nattumavu Mango Plant. These mangoes are renowned for their exceptional flavor and enticing fragrance. The plant is easy to cultivate, allowing you to enjoy a plentiful harvest of these delectable mangoes. Don’t miss the chance to bring the essence of Nattumavu Mangoes to your home. Order now and start growing your own mango haven!

The Nattumavu Mango, also known as Nattu Maavu Mango, is not a specific variety of mango. “Nattu Maavu” translates to “country mixture” in Tamil, and it refers to a traditional mix of ingredients used in India for various purposes, including making homemade baby food.

However, if you are referring to a mango plant called Nattumavu Mango specifically, I’m afraid I couldn’t find any information about it. It’s possible that the name is used locally or regionally for a mango variety that is not widely known or documented.

Mango is a diverse fruit with numerous varieties cultivated worldwide, each with its own unique characteristics and names specific to different regions or localities. If you have any other questions or if there’s another mango variety you’d like to learn about, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to assist you.


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