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Genus : Dimocarpus

The Longan Fruit Plant is a tropical tree that will bring a taste of paradise to your garden. With its luscious green foliage and clusters of small, round fruits, this tree is as beautiful as it is delicious. The Longan fruits are known for their sweet and juicy flesh, resembling lychee fruits. Enjoy the tropical flavor of Longan by growing your own tree and indulging in the delightful fruits it produces.

Longan, also known as dragon’s eye, is a tropical fruit tree that is native to Southeast Asia. Its scientific name is Dimocarpus longan, and it belongs to the Sapindaceae family, which also includes the lychee and rambutan.

The longan tree can grow up to 20 meters tall and has a dense, rounded canopy. It produces small, round fruit that are about the size of a ping pong ball and have a hard, brittle outer shell that is brown and prickly. Inside the shell, the fruit is translucent and juicy, with a white or pale pink flesh that is sweet and slightly musky in flavor. The fruit contains a single glossy black seed in the center, which is not typically eaten.

Longan fruit is commonly eaten fresh, either alone or in fruit salads, and is also used in various culinary preparations, such as desserts, candies, and drinks. The dried flesh of the fruit is also used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments, including insomnia and anxiety.

Longan trees prefer a warm and humid climate and are typically grown in well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter. They are relatively easy to cultivate and can produce fruit within 3-5 years of planting. The trees require regular pruning and fertilization to maintain their shape and promote fruit production


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