Lemon Pickle


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Our Organic Lemon Pickle is crafted with the finest organically grown lemons and a blend of aromatic spices. Bursting with tangy and zesty flavors, this pickle is a perfect accompaniment to your meals. It is made using traditional methods, ensuring the preservation of natural goodness and taste. Enjoy the authentic taste and health benefits of our organic lemon pickle, which adds a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes. Elevate your culinary experience with this delicious and wholesome condiment.

Organic Lemon Pickle is a traditional Indian condiment made from lemons that have been preserved in a mixture of salt, spices, and oil. Here is some information about it:

1. Ingredients: Organic Lemon Pickle typically includes lemons, salt, turmeric, red chili powder, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida (hing), and oil. The lemons are usually cut into small pieces or wedges before being pickled.

2. Preparation: To make Organic Lemon Pickle, the lemons are first washed and then mixed with salt and spices. The mixture is then left to marinate for several days or weeks, allowing the flavors to develop and the lemon pieces to soften. Finally, oil is added to the pickle to enhance the taste and provide a preserving effect.

3. Flavor Profile: Organic Lemon Pickle has a tangy, sour, and spicy flavor. The combination of lemon, salt, and spices creates a distinctive taste that is both tangy and slightly fiery. The longer the pickle is aged, the more the flavors intensify and meld together.

4. Culinary Uses: Organic Lemon Pickle is a versatile condiment that can be enjoyed with various Indian dishes. It is commonly served as a side accompaniment to main meals, including rice, roti (Indian bread), parathas, and curries. It adds a burst of tanginess and spiciness that complements the flavors of the main dish.

5. Digestive Benefits: Lemon Pickle is believed to have digestive properties. The presence of spices like turmeric, mustard seeds, and fenugreek seeds may aid digestion and provide some health benefits. However, it is important to consume it in moderation due to its high salt content.

6. Organic Certification: Organic Lemon Pickle is made using organic lemons and other organic ingredients, which means that they are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This ensures a more natural and environmentally friendly product.

Organic Lemon Pickle is a flavorful and zesty condiment that adds a tangy and spicy element to Indian meals. Its organic ingredients and traditional preparation make it a popular choice for those seeking a more natural and authentic culinary experience.


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