King Of Siam


Genus : Lilies

Enhance your water garden with the enchanting King of Siam Water Lily Plants. Known for their majestic and exquisite beauty, these plants will add a touch of grandeur to your aquatic oasis. Create a captivating and serene atmosphere at home.”

The King of Siam Water Lily, also known as Nymphaea ‘King of Siam,’ is a captivating and regal variety of water lily that stands out with its unique features. Here’s a detailed description of the King of Siam Water Lily:

1. Majestic Appearance: The King of Siam Water Lily is named for its majestic and commanding presence. The flowers exhibit a rich, deep purple color that is often described as royal or velvety. This intense hue sets it apart from other water lily varieties, adding an air of elegance to any water feature.

2. Large and Showy Blooms: The blooms of the King of Siam Water Lily are substantial, measuring around 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) in diameter. The flowers feature multiple layers of petals that unfold during the day, gradually revealing their full splendor. The petals are generally smooth and have a velvety texture, enhancing their visual appeal.

3. Day-Blooming: Similar to many water lilies, the King of Siam variety is a day-blooming plant. Its flowers open in the morning and close in the late afternoon or evening. Witnessing the gradual unveiling of the deep purple blooms throughout the day is a captivating experience.

4. Dark Green Lily Pads: The lily pads of the King of Siam Water Lily provide a striking contrast to its vibrant purple flowers. They are typically a deep shade of green, which further highlights the regal blooms. The pads are round or slightly oval and may have a mottled or marbled pattern, adding to their visual interest.

5. Thrives in Full Sun: King of Siam Water Lilies thrives in full sunlight. To ensure optimal growth and abundant blooming, it is best to place them in an area of your pond or water garden that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day.

6. Hardy and Easy to Grow: This variety of water lily is known for its hardiness and ease of cultivation. With proper care, the King of Siam Water Lily can thrive in various water conditions and is suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners.

7. Serene and Luxurious Ambiance: The deep purple blooms of the King of Siam Water Lily create an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury. Adding this variety to your water garden or pond brings a sense of opulence and sophistication, making it a focal point of admiration.

8. Wildlife Attraction: Like other water lilies, the King of Siam variety attracts a range of wildlife. Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are drawn to its abundant flowers, while the lily pads offer a resting spot for various aquatic creatures. The presence of King of Siam Water Lilies can enhance the biodiversity of your water feature.

The King of Siam Water Lily is a remarkable addition to any water garden or pond, with its regal purple blooms and lush green pads. Its captivating appearance, combined with its ease of care, makes it a popular choice among water gardening enthusiasts who seek a touch of luxury and elegance in their aquatic landscapes.


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