Garcinia Macrophylla


Genus : Garcinia

Add the Garcinia Macrophylla Fruit Plant to your garden and indulge in its large and delicious tropical fruits. This tree is known for its unique flavor and potential health benefits, making it a prized addition to any fruit lover’s collection.

Garcinia macrophylla, also known as the purple mangosteen, is a tropical fruit tree that is native to Southeast Asia. The tree can grow up to 25 meters tall and produces a large, round fruit that is similar in appearance to the more common mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana).

The fruit of the Garcinia macrophylla tree has a thick, tough purple rind that is difficult to remove. Inside, the fruit is divided into segments, each containing a sweet, juicy pulp that is white in color. The pulp is similar in flavor to the mangosteen, with a sweet and tangy taste that is often described as a mix of strawberry, grape, and peach.

The Garcinia macrophylla fruit is highly valued in Southeast Asian cuisine and is used in a variety of dishes, including desserts, smoothies, and jams. It is also used in traditional medicine to treat a range of ailments, including diarrhea, dysentery, and skin infections.

In addition to its culinary and medicinal uses, the Garcinia macrophylla tree is also valued for its wood, which is used in furniture making and construction. The tree is relatively slow-growing and requires a humid, tropical climate to thrive.

Overall, Garcinia macrophylla is an important fruit plant in Southeast Asia, both for its culinary uses and its medicinal properties. Its sweet and tangy flavor makes it a popular ingredient in many dishes, while its medicinal properties have been recognized for centuries.


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