Eugenia Calycina (Savannah Cherry)


Genus : Eugenia

Elevate your garden with the enchanting Eugenia Calycina Plant. This plant features captivating foliage in shades of green and red, adding a splash of color to any landscape. With its graceful growth habit and eye-catching appearance, it’s an excellent choice for gardeners looking to create a striking visual display. Easy to grow and maintain, it’s a must-have for plant enthusiasts and collectors.

Eugenia calycina is a species of flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae, commonly known as the Grumichama or Brazilian Cherry. It is native to Brazil and other parts of South America, and is a popular fruit tree in tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

The tree can grow up to 10 meters tall and has a dense, spreading crown. The leaves are glossy and dark green, and the flowers are small and white with prominent stamens. The fruit of the Eugenia calycina plant is round or oval-shaped, and typically grows to around 2cm in diameter. When ripe, the fruit is dark red or purple, and has a sweet, juicy flesh with a slightly tart flavor.

The fruit is commonly eaten fresh, or used in jams, jellies, and other desserts. It is also sometimes used to make wine. The plant is relatively easy to grow, and is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and conditions. It prefers full sun, but can also grow in partial shade.

Overall, Eugenia calycina is a popular fruit tree that is valued for its delicious and versatile fruit, as well as its attractive foliage and flower


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