Den. Thongchai Gold 3 Lips (Seedling) Orchid


“Experience the enchanting allure of the Dendrobium Thongchai Gold 3 Lips (Seedling) Orchid. With its vibrant gold blooms and unique three-lipped flowers, this orchid is a true gem for any orchid enthusiast.”

Den. Thongchai Gold 3 Lips (Seedling) is a unique orchid variety that showcases a fascinating trait of having three lips on its flowers. This orchid seedling, derived from the Den. Thongchai Gold parent plant, offers a distinct and captivating feature that sets it apart from other orchid varieties.

Den. Thongchai Gold is known for its vibrant yellow and gold flowers. The flowers of the Thongchai Gold 3 Lips seedling retain this coloration, with shades of yellow and gold dominating the petals and sepals. However, the remarkable characteristic of this particular seedling is the presence of three lips on each flower.

Typically, orchid flowers have a single lip, or labellum, which serves as the focal point and often exhibits unique patterns and colors. In the case of Den. Thongchai Gold 3 Lips, the flowers develop with an additional pair of lips, resulting in an intriguing and visually striking feature. The lips may display variations of the yellow and gold hues found in the petals and sepals, further enhancing the overall beauty and allure of the blooms.

Cultivating Den. Thongchai Gold 3 Lips (Seedling) requires similar care to its parent plant. It thrives in warm and humid environments, making it suitable for tropical and subtropical regions. Providing bright, indirect light and maintaining appropriate moisture levels in the growing medium are essential for its growth and development.

Nurturing this unique seedling can be an exciting endeavor for orchid enthusiasts, as it offers the opportunity to observe and appreciate the extraordinary trait of three lips on its flowers. The vibrant colors and exceptional feature make Den. Thongchai Gold 3 Lips (Seedling) a prized addition to any orchid collection, attracting attention and admiration for its captivating and distinctive blooms.


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