Congea Tomentosa

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Genus : Congia

“Elevate your garden with the elegant Congea tomentosa Flower Plant. Its captivating blooms and lush foliage will enhance any outdoor space.”

Congea tomentosa, also known as the Woolly Rangoon Creeper, is a woody climbing plant that belongs to the family Lamiaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia, including countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

The plant has a vigorous growth habit and can reach heights of up to 6 meters (20 feet) when supported by a trellis or other structure. It has oval-shaped leaves that are hairy and gray-green in color, and its stem is also covered in fine hairs.

The flowers of Congea tomentosa are highly fragrant and are produced in clusters at the ends of the stems. They are tubular in shape, with a pale pink to purplish-red color and a white throat. The blooms appear in the fall and continue to bloom until winter, making this plant a popular ornamental for its long flowering period.

In addition to its ornamental value, Congea tomentosa has some traditional medicinal uses in Southeast Asia. Its leaves are used to treat various ailments such as fever, headaches, and rheumatism, while its roots are used to treat dysentery and urinary tract infections.

Overall, Congea tomentosa is a beautiful and versatile climbing plant that can add a touch of exotic charm to any garden.


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