Chinese Red Shangai


Genus : Lotus

“Elevate your water garden with the enchanting Chinese Red Shanghai Lotus aquatic plants. Known for their exotic beauty and striking presence, these plants will add a touch of elegance to your aquatic oasis. Create a mesmerizing and captivating atmosphere at home.”

  1. Appearance: Lotus flowers are renowned for their captivating beauty. They typically have large, showy blooms with multiple layers of petals. The color of the petals can vary widely, including shades of red, pink, white, and yellow. The petals are often rounded or oval-shaped and can have a slightly cupped or flat appearance. The flowers are held above the water surface on long stalks known as peduncles.
  2. Symbolism: Lotus flowers hold deep cultural and symbolic significance in various traditions. They are often associated with purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and spiritual awakening. In many cultures, the lotus is seen as a symbol of resilience and the ability to rise above challenges, as the flower emerges from muddy waters but remains untainted.
  3. Habitat: Lotus flowers are commonly found in freshwater environments such as ponds, lakes, and slow-moving rivers. They require warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight to grow and bloom successfully. Lotus plants have adapted to both submerged and emergent growth, with leaves and flowers floating on the water surface or rising above it on sturdy stems.
  4. Cultural Importance: Lotus flowers hold special significance in Chinese culture, where they are often associated with purity, elegance, and grace. They have been depicted in traditional Chinese art, literature, and religious symbolism for centuries.
  5. Medicinal and Culinary Uses: Various parts of the lotus plant have been used for their medicinal and culinary properties. Lotus seeds are commonly consumed as a nutritious snack or used in traditional Chinese medicine for their potential health benefits. Lotus leaves are also used to wrap food in some cuisines and are believed to impart a unique flavor.


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