Chamliang (Mimusops Elengi)

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Genus : Pouteria

“Elevate the aesthetics of your garden with the Chamliang plant. This exquisite flowering shrub boasts beautiful and fragrant blooms that bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Enjoy the captivating beauty of Chamliang.”

Mimusops elengi, commonly known as Spanish cherry, bullet wood, or the Indian Medlar, is a medium-sized evergreen tree that is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. The tree is known for its fragrant flowers, which are used in traditional medicine and perfumery.

The Mimusops elengi tree can grow up to 20 meters tall and has glossy, dark green leaves. It produces small, round fruits that are about 2-3 cm in diameter and have a brownish-red color when ripe. The fruit has a hard, woody shell and contains one or two large, dark brown seeds.

The flowers of the Mimusops elengi tree are small and white, with a sweet, floral fragrance. They are commonly used in traditional medicine in South Asia to treat a variety of ailments, including toothaches, sore throats, and digestive issues. The flowers are also used in perfumery, where they are valued for their sweet, floral scent.

In addition to its medicinal and aromatic uses, Mimusops elengi is also used in woodworking and carpentry. The wood of the tree is hard and durable, making it well-suited for furniture, flooring, and other construction projects.

Overall, Mimusops elengi is a versatile and useful tree that has played an important role in the cultures and economies of South and Southeast Asia for centuries.


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