Cambodian Wild Grape (Ampelocissus Martini)

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Introducing the Cambodian Wild Grape (Ampelocissus Martini) fruit plant: an exotic addition to any garden. With its flavorful grapes and ornamental foliage, it brings a taste of Cambodia to your backyard.

Explore the fascinating Cambodian Wild Grape (Ampelocissus Martini) fruit plant, a unique addition to any garden. Originating from Cambodia, this plant produces clusters of small, flavorful grapes that are perfect for snacking or making preserves and wines.

Characterized by its vigorous growth and ornamental foliage, the Cambodian Wild Grape plant adds a touch of exotic beauty to your landscape. With proper care and attention, it thrives in warm climates, yielding abundant harvests of delicious grapes.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or a beginner enthusiast, the Cambodian Wild Grape fruit plant is sure to impress with its beauty and versatility. Bring a taste of Cambodia to your garden and enjoy the delights of homegrown grapes with this extraordinary plant.


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