Banana Puttu Powder


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Elevate your breakfast experience with our Banana Puttu Powder. This specially crafted blend of ripe bananas and rice flour brings the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine to your table. Simply steam the mixture in a puttu maker or steamer, and you’ll have soft and fluffy banana puttu ready to be enjoyed. It’s a wholesome and nutritious breakfast option that pairs well with coconut, sugar, or any of your favorite accompaniments. Indulge in the taste of tradition with our Banana Puttu Powder.

Banana Puttu Powder is a traditional South Indian food ingredient that is used to make a popular breakfast dish called “Puttu.” Puttu is a steamed cylindrical cake made from rice flour and other ingredients, and it is commonly eaten with bananas or other accompaniments.

Banana Puttu Powder is a specific variation of Puttu powder that incorporates dried and powdered bananas into the mixture. It adds a subtle banana flavor and aroma to the Puttu, enhancing its taste and overall appeal.

To make Puttu using Banana Puttu Powder, the powder is mixed with water or coconut milk to form a crumbly mixture. This mixture is then layered with grated coconut in a cylindrical Puttu maker or steamer and steamed until cooked. The steam helps the mixture to expand and set into a soft and fluffy cake-like texture.

Once cooked, Banana Puttu can be enjoyed with sliced bananas, grated coconut, or other accompaniments of your choice. It is a nutritious and satisfying breakfast option that combines the flavors of rice, banana, and coconut.

Banana Puttu Powder is readily available in stores specializing in South Indian ingredients or can be made at home by drying and grinding ripe bananas into a fine powder. It is a convenient and delicious way to incorporate the flavors of banana into the traditional Puttu dish.


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